What is Small Group Travel? Is this for me? I don't like groups.


Small Group Travel to us is NOT typical group travel. We are a small number of like minded persons with common interests exploring an area in a unique way. Slow, easy and focused. We are not in a hurry. We take the time to relax and enjoy the character and 'characters' of the region. We discover the cultural treasures, the natural wonders, and the historically significant but most of all we meet and get to know the local people. We learn about the cuisine and foodways, we get our hands into the dough, we pick the grapes, we taste the cheese. We have experiences. Yet we give you options and we don't dictate "what you have to do." We create friendships. We "eat local, drink local, with the locals."

 We bought the vineyard after tasting the mt etna wines!

We bought the vineyard after tasting the mt etna wines!

 Our final day in taormina

Our final day in taormina

We are adding programs and new itineraries through out the year. Check back often to see what has been created for your travel experience!



Small numbers 8 - 18 participants

Slow pace itinerary

Regional - local focus

Hands-on experiences

Theme focus

Unique accommodations

Educational, informative 

Knowledgeable Experience Director

Free time to discover on own

Inclusive - sightseeing, many meals