Epicopia Culinary Journeys... a tasty experience.

"Cuisine is the tactile connection to breathing history. It is culture and history we can taste. "  - Harold D Partain

Over the past 15 years there has been a strong interest growing for travel with a focus on the food, wine and all agriculture food production.  Epicopia Culinary Journeys has been a driving force in culinary tourism for over ten years. Many of our clients and guests are curious about and want to meet the artisans who craft handmade products of a culinary nature as well as the arts. 

It is our goal at Epicopia Culinary Journeys to do just that - introduce you to the local cheese-maker, the winemaker, the baker, the butcher, and yes, the candlestick maker!  Our approach is Slow and Easy, not rushed, very local. We like to get somewhere and stay put for a while. Appreciation for the local and regional cuisine can only be achieved when you take the time. Stop and smell the bread baking, see and smell the fermenting cheeses, listen for the crackle of wine aging in the barrels, touch the grapes in the vineyard, wander through a market, barter with the farmer. Spend a few hours kneading, cutting, mixing, slicing, learning from a grandmother, a Michelin starred chef, a farmer's wife, a local cafe cook, a winemaker... all have something wonderful and stimulating to share with you. Enjoy the tasty rewards of your class as you sit down around the table with friends and locals, sip a local wine, and spend a few hours in conversation.

All of the Small Group Journeys you find under the section Journeys will include most of the activities we refer to above and more. Many of our programs are specifically focused such as our Slow Food Cheese Journeys to the Piemonte region of Italy every other year in odd numbered years. The Slow Food Cheese Festival in Bra is the main event of this 8 night program but there is plenty of great wine as well!  We also offer other cheese focused itineraries; a number of wine journeys often focused on a specific grape production; and one-stops focused on a specific favorite location such as "Lucca, My Lucca" offered in early October 2016 with our founder, Harold Partain. This is truly Slow and Easy, laid back, relaxed with time for the sidewalk cafe, a three hour lunch if you would like, indulge in musical events, a stroll through the park, a visit to the nearby vineyards. As one guest commented after the 2015 stay in Lucca, "I feel like I really have had a vacation! And I am so pleased to meet Puccini."

We invite you to consider joining us for one of our specialized Epicopia Culinary Journeys. You will be glad you did.